4 Thoughtful Products for Deepening Your Connection

While we can celebrate our partners any day of the year, Valentine’s Day presents the opportunity to clear our schedules, and spend quality time with the people we love the most. With dedicated, present time together, we get to know them more deeply, and discover truths about ourselves along the way. This Valentine’s Day, create space for exploration, and deepen your connection with these four picks.

Costa Brazil Vela Candle

Vela Candle


A special day calls for a special candle, and this one transports your spirit to the heart of the Amazon. Light it after dinner for a cozy ambiance, and experience the soothing scent of sustainably-sourced sacred white and black Breu resin, wild jungle flora, Brazilian vetiver, and crushed cypress root. Plus, it sets a wonderful environment for our next pick…

Intelligent Change Let’s Get Closer: Couples Edition

Let's Get Closer: Couples Edition


“What is your favorite memory of our relationship?” “What did I help you learn about yourself?" These are some of the questions in Let’s Get Closer: Couples Edition, a card game that sparks meaningful conversations around love, dreams, and life experiences. Fun and easy-to-play, the game is split into three levels, with the questions getting more personal as you move through each level.

Dame Fin



Designed for ease of use, this finger vibrator helps you explore new heights and enhance your pleasure with three speed settings. The best part? It was even created by a women-led brand to help close the pleasure gap, and can be recharged via USB.

Intelligent Change The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal


Gratitude changes everything. Take time in the morning to fill out your journal, with a focus on what you’re grateful for in your relationship, and then share with your partner. This can also be a great morning and evening ritual to connect and share what you’ve been thinking about throughout the day.